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Kealey Construction Ltd

Tel Mobile  David Project Manager 07985925460  

                        Adrian Site Manager      07940816864


Please be aware your call maybe directed to our mobile during COVID-19


 We use only qualified engineers and architectural design on our projects. 

Kealey Construction is registered at Companies House No 12994497. Our Registered Office : 43 Merstow Green, Evesham. WR11 4BB

Customer Information

Kealey Construction Ltd Is Commited To A High Level Of Service, And Invites You and the Work you have for us, to Become One Of Our Successful Building and Landscaping Projects. David Simmonds is your Project Manager. Adrian Watson Is your Site Manager, Both Dedicated To Not Only Forfilling With The Team your Project Dreams and Aspirations, They are also Hands On to see things through to the end.

Zoe Simmonds is Company Director and Admin Manager, Running all the background stuff you do not see, helping your project run smoothly and well organised.

We are a Pay as You Go Company and although we do not take large deposits off you, we do require paying on a regular basis and operate an agreed credit  limit, with you, dependant on what the project is and your financial status.